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Why God Failed – Amendment 26 Notes

As you may know by now, the people of Mississippi rejected Personhood USA’s Amendment 26 which would have defined every fertilized egg as a person–a redefinition that would have outlawed abortion and many forms of birth control. Since Mississippi has the reputation as the most conservative, pro-life state, Personhood USA’s defeat is considered exceptionally brutal. American Family Radio and many Christians have been asking questions: Why did this fail if God wanted it so much? What does it all mean? How could it have failed with all of our churches, political leaders, and the American Family Association behind it?

They had so many people to blame for their failure, but never looked at their problems. Here are the predominate reasons that Mississippi still has reproductive rights–the reasons that don’t have to do with 58% of Mississippi voters being under the control of Satan or God not needing our votes after all.

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11 2011

The Lt. Governor’s Cosmic Battle

During an interview with Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association, Mississippi Lt. Governor Phil Bryant (also a candidate for Mississippi State Governor) discusses his cosmic battle against Satan.

“I believe I was led here by the Lord,” Bryant said, regarding his position and Mississippi Initiative 26, otherwise known as the Personhood Initiative which defines a fertilized egg as a person and could potentially ban abortion and birth control in Mississippi.

He goes on to explain that he is actually fighting against Satan’s hand and “the gates of Hell,” (otherwise known as the people who oppose Mississippi 26 and, specifically, Planned Parenthood).

“This is a battle of good and evil. And, let’s just make it plain, the evil side, the dark side of the forces, the Satan and those who would love to continue kill children while still in the womb are out there using every effort that they can….Even in these times, if you talk too much about the fact that evil does exist, people will think, ‘Oh, well, something’s wrong with him.’ What times are we living in when it is politically incorrect for someone to say, ‘Satan has a hand in this and you’ve gotta understand we’ve gotta fight against the gates of hell to prevail here.’ And that’s exactly what I’ve been saying, and…I see people recognizing the fact that this is a Biblical battle of good and evil.”


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11 2011

Lying to Pass Amendment 26 in Mississippi (Vote-No Banners Below)

Amendment 26, otherwise known as the “Personhood Amendment” (concept of Personhood USA) seeks to define a “person” with legal rights as every human life starting with fertilization (below). They plan to use this amendment to have Roe v. Wade overturned, and the language, startlingly, could ban most oral contraceptives.

Some proponents, however, have spread misinformation, that there could not possibly be a threat to birth control inherent in 26 (see below).

Will Mississippians be fooled? If they are, will it be due to a lack of sex ed. , an obtuse desire to ignore the rights of others, religion, or all three?

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10 2011