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Being Most Hated in America — What Does It All Mean for Atheists?

What does it mean to be the most distrusted minority in America, where 52% of the population holds an “unfavorable attitude” towards you? To hold a view on God that would cause half of Americans to refuse to vote for you in an election despite being qualified? Well, if we know a little about our current culture here in the United States, you know that Muslims and homosexuals are minorities who are fighting hard for their rights and are met with strong resistance.

But, even so, only 38% of Americans would refuse to vote a qualified Muslim into office while 50% would decline to vote for an atheist.

So what does it mean to be more distrusted than Muslims? It appears to mean that atheists can get the same violent responses for filing lawsuits as Muslims can get by murdering people.

Most weren’t surprised at the outpouring of Light and Love from the followers of Jesus Christ (death threats)  that met atheists who filed a lawsuit against the public display of religion at the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum, and with good reason: It’s not like the Fox News hasn’t accrued such death threats for atheists from its bigoted viewers before. One month prior, concerning a lawsuit about the “Seven in Heaven” sign, Fox News viewers had this to say:

So we know that atheists as a whole can easily collect death threats for one or two individuals speaking against God, trying to uphold the First Amendment by not allowing prayer at public school events, or pursuing lawsuits against public displays of religion. For doing any of these non-violent things, an atheist can be dubbed a “militant.”

But what would a Muslim have to do to get the same number of threats against all Muslims?

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08 2011

Objective Morality & God(s)

A common argument about atheists is that they cannot be “moral” or that, if they are “moral,” they are only moral because they have picked up morality dispensed by religion.

This argument is made because it has been erroneously asserted that “objective morality” cannot exist without a God. This sort of statement implies that religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have supplied the world with objective morality.

Aside from the fact that the Bible, despite its own contradictory claims of having unchanging laws, provides many different ideas on right and wrong (for instance, that the Old Testament claimed it was wrong to eat certain foods while the New Testament reveals doing so is not actually bad), the basis of the argument is false. “Objective” does not mean “having origin” (as in a God or a Bible). Objective means that something is perceptible and observable outside of individual thought. This why the Bible is not evidence of “objective morality” and cannot be.

The Bible is a collection of subjective ideas on morality that could not be recreated through observation of the world.

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07 2011