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Why Christians Need the War on Christmas

What is it about Christmastime that puts so many Christians on edge about the importance of their religion in American culture? Could the so-called War on Christmas be more of a blame-game for Christianity’s own failures than a war? Could Christians actually need the War on Christmas (and not just because the Bible told them they’d be persecuted)? How else could the paranoid position that there is an atheistic effort to stop all businesses from saying, “Merry Christmas,” and remove “Christ” from all things solstice come about?

Here is one woman who, weeks before children put on their Halloween costumes, recorded a trip to a store she plans to boycott (in following commands by the American Family Association) because it had too much “holiday” merchandise but nothing mentioning Jesus Christ:

After filing a complaint in 2010, the Freedom From Religion Foundation appeared to draw first blood by requesting that Ellwood City, PA cease to place a nativity scene in front of the municipal building or to add secular decorations around it along with a banner from FFRF. Currently, the city has added other legendary Christmas symbols, like reindeer, to the lawn but has refused to wave the FFRF banner. However, far from demanding that citizens remove all manger scenes or stop saying, “Merry Christmas,” they merely asked that citizens stop insisting that the government cater to their personal religious rituals.

One resident of Ellwood had this to say:

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12 2011