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Share a Story – Discrimination, Bullying, or Intolerance in the Bible Belt

This is call for any reader who has experienced religious discrimination, bullying, violence, or intolerance in the Bible Belt of the United States.  Stories can be religious in nature or be focused around sexuality or race.

The call for such stories will be ongoing, and the stories will be presented as individual blogs noted with a number and category link to other similar stories. The hope is to expose bias and discrimination that has occurred (and continues to occur) in the 21st Century.

If requested, your story may be posted anonymously or under a pen name. Upon submission, you grant the right to publish your story via this domain, to edit for mistakes or length, and to neutralize names mentioned.

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09 2011

Bias – What Happens When an Atheist is First “Outted”

I often tell people, “It’s different down here.” When Southerners are getting to know one another, they do not ask each other if they attend church. They ask each other where they attend church. In fact, they believe this approach is the most polite. After all, they wouldn’t want to offend someone by showing uncertainty over whether or not that person is ethical enough to attend church.

In the South, many people assume that everyone else is a Christian (unless the person appears to be Middle-Eastern, then they assume the person is a Muslim).

While any number of Christians may perform tasks for selfish reasons, they can, ultimately, claim that anything they earn was done for the glory of God. While these people are in fact selfish, their selfish acts are accepted by the community as a testament of their religion. This is how televangelists remain in business: Sure, they make a lot of money, but they’re just spreading the “Good News.”

But a successful atheist? A successful atheist must always have a selfish motive for all things unless the atheist is actually promoting atheism (which is viewed as far worse than being selfish). The options for an atheist are brainwashed by liberals, deceived by Satan, selfish, and/or attempting to indoctrinate others (often “with science”).

Attempting to battle this bias and stereotyping against atheists is even viewed as attempting to “rob” people of faith, like it’s something that can be ripped from their arms.


08 2011