What Does it Take to Offend the Religious?

Numerous Christians and Muslims have asserted that their religious institutions play an important role in modern life and, more or less, in preserving the human race. They often point to charities or hospitals and volunteer work driven by their institutions and ask, “What would you do without us?”

If these institutions were taken seriously, one would expect that religious units would be bastions for battling injustice and human rights violations around the globe. Amid some current, hotly-debated religious controversies, one should be able to see a clear sign that churches and their adherents stand for betterment of people.

So what is it that these organizations are most outraged about today? What are the most pious fretting about?

War? Famine? Domestic Abuse? Poverty? Orphans?

Well, for the past two weeks, the biggest Christians upset has been over a healthcare standard that says insurance companies must provide birth control coverage–something that some say is against the Bible. The biggest Muslim upset is over the U.S. military burning some copies of the Qur’an and apologizing for it.

Where were these legal battles over war? How many lives could have been spared if the weight of the Christian congregations in the U.S. had said, “The government shouldn’t force people to fund war that is not necessary!” Where were these protests when people were being kicked out of their homes? Why is more money going to battle a contraception “mandate” than to help the poor?

The only answer is that, again, their values are out of sync with reality.

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03 2012