Why God Failed – Amendment 26 Notes

As you may know by now, the people of Mississippi rejected Personhood USA’s Amendment 26 which would have defined every fertilized egg as a person–a redefinition that would have outlawed abortion and many forms of birth control. Since Mississippi has the reputation as the most conservative, pro-life state, Personhood USA’s defeat is considered exceptionally brutal. American Family Radio and many Christians have been asking questions: Why did this fail if God wanted it so much? What does it all mean? How could it have failed with all of our churches, political leaders, and the American Family Association behind it?

They had so many people to blame for their failure, but never looked at their problems. Here are the predominate reasons that Mississippi still has reproductive rights–the reasons that don’t have to do with 58% of Mississippi voters being under the control of Satan or God not needing our votes after all.

The first but not essential break from the majority comes in the form of judgment. While most people are content to judge with their hearts and social power, it became clear that many wanted to make their judgments about the alleged sexual lives of others into law. After 26 failed, many expressed their anger that women could continue to be irresponsible:

People agreeing with this sentiment could have formed a majority in a state like Mississippi. The problem with “personhood at fertilization” was precisely that so many felt that becoming pregnant was a needed consequence for making poor sexual decisions. Believing pregnancies to be either gifts or punishment for correct sexual behavior, they felt that a woman (or girl) should be able to terminate a pregnancy if she had not chosen to have sex, otherwise she would be unjustly punished. This brings us to the biggest problem with Personhood USA’s goal: They would force everyone, even rape victims and young children, to carry any pregnancy with no option of emergency contraceptives or abortion.

With what appeared to be a limited knowledge of where babies come from, many of 26 supporters revealed a lack of knowledge regarding fertilization and pregnancy (which also led to a denial of the amendment’s potential effect on birth control) but many also inserted God into just about every facet of the process–even rape:

Even most Christians who speak of God’s plan aren’t extreme enough to believe that a divine purpose or gift has been wrapped in the form of rape or the impregnation of a 9-year-old child, as the last commenter so forcefully proclaims. For this, they came to the side of reason: They needed more evidence of the importance of embryos before causing detrimental harm to victims of violent crime and little girls.

Personhood USA, however, pushed the idea that all pregnancies–even those produced by heinous crimes–are a “gift” from their god. Luckily, Mississippi didn’t buy rape as a necessary birthday present: If that’s what the Biblical God wanted, they want some other god.

Since the majority of people in Mississippi could not be convinced that  rape victims and young girls should be forced to become mothers, many pro-life advocates alluded to some consequences for the “vote against God’s will.” These are the same people who accused Planned Parenthood and the ACLU of employing “scare tactics” to get out the vote.

Because they don’t seem to understand exactly what their god wants or how reality works, I doubt that even the opposing Christians should fear the hellfire they threaten.

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