The Lt. Governor’s Cosmic Battle

During an interview with Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association, Mississippi Lt. Governor Phil Bryant (also a candidate for Mississippi State Governor) discusses his cosmic battle against Satan.

“I believe I was led here by the Lord,” Bryant said, regarding his position and Mississippi Initiative 26, otherwise known as the Personhood Initiative which defines a fertilized egg as a person and could potentially ban abortion and birth control in Mississippi.

He goes on to explain that he is actually fighting against Satan’s hand and “the gates of Hell,” (otherwise known as the people who oppose Mississippi 26 and, specifically, Planned Parenthood).

“This is a battle of good and evil. And, let’s just make it plain, the evil side, the dark side of the forces, the Satan and those who would love to continue kill children while still in the womb are out there using every effort that they can….Even in these times, if you talk too much about the fact that evil does exist, people will think, ‘Oh, well, something’s wrong with him.’ What times are we living in when it is politically incorrect for someone to say, ‘Satan has a hand in this and you’ve gotta understand we’ve gotta fight against the gates of hell to prevail here.’ And that’s exactly what I’ve been saying, and…I see people recognizing the fact that this is a Biblical battle of good and evil.”


Why is it that someone of the rank of Lieutenant Governor is painting political opponents or anyone who doesn’t support a ballot initiative as someone in league with Satan?

Since he said it is “politically incorrect” to say that Satan’s hand is guiding one’s political opponents, he must know that such comments are unacceptable from someone holding his office or attempting to hold the office of governor. While it’s somewhat useful to discuss these abhorrent comments, it may also be interesting to wonder what sort of populace elects such a man and actually cheers for such rhetoric.

(Relevant at 4:20)

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