Death threats, Calls to Violence and Suppression of Minorities Intact

It appears that, even in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Norway, violent and hateful rhetoric will persist in America. Recently, American Atheists filed a lawsuit to remove a cross from the September 11th Memorial and Museum. When Fox News reported the story, they asked their fans on Facebook to comment. While most commentators wrote 1-line comments begging to keep the cross, many espoused their views on atheism and minorities.

The first set is dubbed “Kill/Hurt the Atheists.” If a mainstream Christian group filed a lawsuit, would there be any outrage over a congregation of atheists publicly calling for the injury and/or death of the Christians involved (or of all Christians)?

You might be wondering, “Is it even permissible to call for the deaths of a group, let alone a minority group?” Well, many of the commentators here gave us an inside view of what they think about “minorities” and American atheists in particular:

And why should atheists not even bother with helping all faiths be recognized at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum? Well, let them tell you:

I looked for those expressing sanity. A small number of atheists braved coming out to say whether or not they were for the lawsuit–most said it “disgusted” them and made them look terrible. Out of the first 1,800, I saw nearly a handful–nearly–of commentators chastising the high number of people telling atheists to “go to hell” or responding, “but they’re already on their way!” Here’s one:

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